PHILIPPINE CHILDREN'S SUMMIT 2018 Organizing a charity concert

Gate of Assets in collaboration with Hallo Hallo Alliance and Action is organizing a charity concert for 10,000 Filipino children on the 27th of October, 2018. It will be held at the Quezon Memorial Circle, Quezon City, Philippines.

Special guests will come to inspire the children through their stories and performances. MNL48, the Filipino version of Japan's highest-selling all-girl sing and dance group AKB48, will be one of the performers and will showcase their talent. Moreover, selected children will be given an opportunity to share their dreams and ideas on stage.


With its theme PHILIPPINE CHILDREN'S SUMMIT 2018: "CELEBRATING THE POWER OF CHILDREN" Gate of Assets, HHA and Action will gather students from different public elementary schools, high schools and Alternative Learning Programs (ALS) in Quezon City. The preferred age-group are children 16 years old and below. A total of ten thousand (10,000) participants are expected to join the event.
Hallo Hallo Alliance which includes Hallohallo Entertainment Inc., will shoulder and manage the transportation, food, safety measures and entertainment during the event. Moreover, HHA will donate 200 laptops to the Department of Education to be distributed to participating schools.


The purpose of this event is to empower the Filipino children, and to emphasize to them that they have a voice to demand change in the society created/molded by adults. Also, to highlight that it is in the hands of these children that change can come, and the world is ready for this change.


The charity concert will be held in the most iconic location in Metro Manila -- at LIWASANG AURORA at Quezon City Memorial Circle. The stage will be placed strategically so that the background will be the iconic tower of Quezon City Circle.


This event aims to provide an opportunity to children to be able to showcase their unique talents and insights, as well as to provide them with inspiration, learning and entertainment.

The charity concert will provide enjoyment to 10,000 children to have a break from their challenging day to day activities.

This momentous event will be broadcasted on national television and will reach a wider number of young audiences..

Sponsored by
Gate of assets
BLD Planner CPC
In collaboration with
Hallohallo Alliance
mla48 Hallohallo Entertainment Inc Action
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